Episode 42: The One With "Hollywood Acting Studio"

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When you love what you do - and the people you do it with - working rarely feels like "work" at all. This axiom is true for the members of Natural Disastronauts, some of the hardest working people in new media. On this episode, we sit down with 3/4 of the internet juggernaut - multi-hyphenates Katy Stoll (Cracked, Prom Queen), Daniel Vincent Gordh (Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Hipsterhood, Cracked Advice Board) and Will Gordh (Cracked Advice Board, lots of other stuff!) - upon the release of their latest original series, "Hollywood Acting Studio" (created by 4th Disastronaut Kevin Best, and produced by Starz Digital).

Join NM regulars Bernie Su and Chris McCaleb for this candid discussion about actually making a living in new media, the pros and cons of working with your best friends (and family!), the perilous and addictive immediacy of audience interaction via social media, the recent YouTube migration to "Saturday Night Live," the now-Emmy-winning "Lizzie Bennet Diaries," Bernie's new series "Emma Approved," and much more!

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