Episode 41: The One with Rian Johnson


For seven years, a young filmmaker tried unsuccessfully to get his script, an unconventional noir-ish detective story set in high school, made into a feature film. Everybody passed. Frustrated but not defeated, he decided to take matters into his own hands and raise the money himself. The resulting film was BRICK, and it launched the inspiring career of the film's writer-director, Rian Johnson.

Join host Chris McCaleb for a special, shorter-than-usual episode, as we discuss Rian's directing work (including LOOPER and "Breaking Bad"), his interest in New Media, shooting film vs. digital, and MORE!

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Woo hoo! Glad to have the podcast back!!

Rita E. Fishman, nee McKinley, grow old 93, kicked the bucket in harmony with in the house September 13, '08, loved darling belonging to the the later part of Sally; favorite the mother in Ron (Toni Peters), Sam (Anna), Robert " Mickey" (Marcia), Gina (Jim)Wilkinson, Medical professional. Jim (Lauri

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