Episode 40: The One With the 2012 Roundup


We're back with a lengthy year-end wrap-up! This time around, new media veteran Kathleen Grace (The Burg, The All-For-Nots, and now Manager of Production and Programming at YouTube Space LA) joins GigaOm writer and Attack of the Show staff writer Liz Shannon Miller, IAWTV Award winner and writer/director Brett Register, and Lizzie Bennet Diaries co-creator and showrunner Bernie Su. Joining them are the founders of New Mediacracy, Zadi Diaz (Head of Content Development at Disney Interactive Entertainment) and Steve Woolf (President of Blip Studios, SVP of Content at Blip), once again anchored by writer/director Chris McCaleb.

In this freewheeling discussion, we explore the ongoing problem of discovery, YouTube's funded channel initiative, the newly-founded Blip Studios, the opening of YouTube Space LA, Hannah Hart's incredible tour fundraising campaign, the high profile departure of Ray William Johnson from Maker Studios, the mysterious industry blog "Working With Webseries Producers," our hopes for the year 2013, and so much more!

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Just got done listening (as I was cleaning the house ... two odd hours turns out to be the perfect length for that) and have to say, great work.

A great round up of 2012 and very interesting predictions for 2013.

No place else can you get access to unfiltered discussion from independent digital creators/leaders, so thank you for keeping New Mediacracy going.

Great to hear Steve and Zadi again. Not as drunk as I may have hoped but what it lacked in entertainment it made up for fully in informative goodness, especially being able to learn about the YouTube playbook, which I'll have to make sure to spread around. Great episode, hope to hear more soon.

I just listened to the last three podcasts and really like NM. I'll look forward to the next one just as much.

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