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Making an independent web series is always challenging, whether you're working with three million dollars, or three hundred dollars. On this episode of New Mediacracy, we sit down with veteran director Scott Brown (Larry King Now, Blue Movies, Asylum), multi-hyphenate Kristen Nedopak (Geek Girls Create) and producer/consultant Brian Rodda, to discuss their work in new media, as well as their two new series, Stockholm and Skyrim Parodies.

Join NM regular Chris McCaleb as we talk about making porn funny, crafting your own wardrobe (and the surprising cost of fake fur), creating high-quality work on a tight budget, working with the actual Larry King, shooting in a basement, finding inspiration in video games, and spending special time with Denise Richards.

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New Mediacracy is a casual conversation in the form of an audio podcast about the world of web video featuring industry producers, directors, writers, and other content creators.


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