Episode 33: The One With the 2011 Roundup - Part 2

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Part 2 of our 2011 year-end roundup! Most of this episode is about the IAWTV Awards happening this week! With GigaOm writer and Attack of the Show staff writer Liz Miller, writer/producer Bernie Su, IAWTV Award nominee and writer/director Brett Register, and What's Trending CEO (also an IAWTV Award nominee) Damon Berger. Joining them is producer and Disney creative exec Zadi Diaz, and producer and Blip VP of Content Steve Woolf, all anchored by two-time Emmy nominee, writer/director Chris McCaleb.


0:00 First IAWTV Awards are happening
1:15 Disclaimers about everyone's current and former relationships to the IAWTV
2:30 Reference to the post-Streamys New Mediacracy episode
3:20 Some talk about the IAWTV LA annual member meeting
5:00 Bernie asks Zadi and Chris why they didn't run for re-election as IAWTV board members
8:00 Bernie talks about why he doesn't run for the board
10:00 Damon talks about his views on the IAWTV
12:30 Zadi talks a bit about the structure of the organization
15:40 Steve talks about how little YouTube representation exists within the IAWTV
16:30 Liz was surprised that the IAWTV Awards didn't have more YouTube creator nominations
17:30 Damon doesn't understand how YouTube isn't nominated for best platform
18:30 Chris was disappointed in the nomination process; discussion ensues
26:45 Bernie points out that anyone unhappy with the process can join the awards committee for next year
28:20 Damon talks about the What's Trending road show at the Venetian
29:30 Bernie talks about the producer and writer's group exhibitions at CES
31:00 Cody (the dog) needs to go to the bathroom
31:30 Liz asks each person to talk about what they want to see happen in web video in 2012
31:50 Bernie wants to see online storytelling go mass market
32:55 Brett wants to see more studios release pre-theatrical VOD releases; a discussion of story structure for the web ensues
36:30 Talking about analogous examples of works in tv, film, and online
40:45 Zadi tells a story about mainstream media's view of what's happening online
44:15 Steve wants to see storytelling tools advance in 2012
46:20 Liz wants to see The Solution to lean-back web content
48:15 Chris wants to see the new BlackBoxTV channel on YouTube become a huge success
53:20 Damon wants to see the web video marketplace gain some coherence and step up the quality levels
59:00 Steve makes the argument that one of the reasons some web shows have taken off is exactly because they're different from TV and movies
1:01:00 Liz talks about two ShayCarl videos she saw at VidCon 2010 and VidCon 2011
1:03:30 Damon feels the emotional connection to story isn't happening enough in web video
1:06:00 On the importance of owning your content
1:09:25 Steve asks Zadi what it's like going from independent production to working at a major media company
1:14:20 Zadi wants to see legislation unfriendly to the web defeated in 2012
1:16:00 Brett wants to know more about the 8-track soapbox is composed
1:16:30 Where to find everyone on the show and what's next

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