Episode 32: The One With the 2011 Roundup - Part 1

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A feisty year-end wrap up doubleheader! This is Part 1 of 2 with GigaOm writer and Attack of the Show staff writer Liz Miller, writer/producer Bernie Su, IAWTV Award nominee and writer/director Brett Register, and What's Trending CEO (also an IAWTV Award nominee) Damon Berger. Joining them is producer and Disney creative exec Zadi Diaz, and producer and Blip VP of Content Steve Woolf, all anchored by two-time Emmy nominee, writer/director Chris McCaleb.


0:00 Intros! Shout outs to Cindy Register
14:00 Shout out to Steve Garfield, part of the old school New Mediacracy from '06-'07
15:30 First mention of The Process, a web video podcast that never was
17:00 Can you cancel your own show?
21:00 The rise of the 7-figure web series
22:00 The inevitable discussion about the term "web series"
23:45 Opening the door on "independent television"
25:00 LouisCK's self-distributed success
25:35 Chris tries to table the LouisCK discussion
29:30 Chris officially gives up trying to table the LouisCK discussion
30:40 Damon opens the conversation about the difference between people with audiences from mainstream media, and true independent web success stories
33:00 Zadi talks about cycles of relevancy
34:00 Liz wonders whether you now have to have more than a webcam to blow up; a Jenna Marbles discussion ensues
39:00 Talk moves to the demographics of web viewers and identifying a niche for success
42:20 Mass-media qualities in web video, and Bernie brings up the Zooey/JGL viral New Years video
43:50 Steve interrupts to get at the pizza and gets yelled at
47:00 First mention of Tim Street
47:40 Damon justifiably attacks Steve for his pop culture ignorance
49:15 Chris asks if YouTube can manufacture their own stars as part of their channels initiative
52:00 The Annoying Orange phenomenon
53:45 Liz tells a story from the set of iCarly about Fred from YouTube, and the conversation goes to the Fred phenomenon
55:45 Brett speaks for the first time since his intro
56:30 YouTube channel initiative and cosmic panda: will it work?
58:00 Chris tangents to Marc Zuckerberg killing animals
58:25 Chris gets back on track
1:02:50 Bernie feels that the new YouTube makes for a more genuine discovery experience
1:05:20 Chris wonders whether future YouTube stars will rise up the same way this generation has
1:06:00 Zadi is a fan of discovery through cultural value delivery
1:07:30 Will YouTube's investment in content affect their promotional choices?
1:12:00 Bernie talks about the risks about putting all your eggs in one basket
1:13:45 Liz worries about the future of the "nut shot" video
1:15:20 Weekends are now the biggest web video viewing days
1:16:30 Talking over-the-top TV set top boxes
1:18:25 Liz's Dad is a nerd
1:20:00 Damon tells a story about Google's struggles to market GoogleTV and attract studios and network content
1:23:00 Bernie wonders how many YouTube premium channels will get renewed
1:26:00 The inevitable discussion about ratings, or the lack thereof
1:29:00 Bernie tells a personal Nielsen story
1:34:00 Correlating music, movie, and TV industries in the digital age
1:37:00 Web series with billboards and bus ads
1:40:00 Do people who buy internet-connected TV's ever connect?

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