Episode 29: The One That Reunites the Cast of lonelygirl15


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Perhaps no other web video series has been as successful or influential as "lonelygirl15". This week, we get a view from the trenches with original cast members Jessica Rose (Bree), Yousef Abu-Taleb (Daniel) and Jackson Davis (Jonas) as we talk about their experiences bringing this landmark series to life.

What began as the fictitious videoblog of a young girl named Bree spawned a worldwide phenomenon, garnering hundreds of millions of views, launching its cast and creators into the spotlight, and redefining how a story could be told online. Join NM regular Chris McCaleb as they discuss the days before LG15, the highs and lows of massive success, Bree and Daniel's first kiss, getting shut down by the police, relationship drama, and MORE!


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This was great. That show was so much fun. I remember watching the 12-in-12s when I worked in newspaper advertising (the fact I now work elsewhere is totally unrelated). As a fan who's interacted with the show (and tweeted with some of the actors) I have to say they are so nice & it was just as exciting for us to be at the beginning of webshows on the other side of the camera.

Thanks for doing this. I really could've kept listening. (Though I am sad there were no faces to see since its been so long since we've seen their vlogs).

PS I was veela-valoom in the LG15 world.

(fighting with this captcha really brought back the youtube memories!)

It was great to hear from these guys again. It was fun to be involved in the show. I wish the best of luck in all your careers.

I will forever have a borderline unhealthy fondness for all things LG15. This show pretty much consumed my entire Junior Year of High School and took up a lot of time for years after as well. (Towards the tail end I was basically writing everything on the LGPedia. You know you have the dialogue down when you're rewinding the same 10 seconds to decipher EXACTLY what is being said). I was FH14 in the LG15-world and I still go by that userhandle most places.

Oh god if any of that old footage gets posted, make sure it gets on the main lonelygirl15 channel. I imagine it'll be clearly labeled as unused footage people will freak out at seeing Bree "alive" again XD.

/sharing on tumblr because tumblr is an addiction that everyone should have and there isn't nearly enough stuff under the 'LG15' tag/

Great episode. Chris, good job on keeping the conversation on track and moving. Always interesting to hear the backstory on prominent/influential webseries.

One quibble.... comparing Lonelygirl15 to Charlie Chaplin?!? A bit hyperbolic, don't you think?





Finally listened to the whole thing today, excellent interview. A few tidbits I haven't heard before, as well as insightful commentary about what lg15 did and what we've learned from it. Chris did a great job with the interview because of his extensive knowledge of webseries and lg15 and his appreciation for how groundbreaking this stuff was (SH7F fits in this story too, of course).

But I want to see that aborted lg15 movie trailer. Good luck ever getting that from Miles & Greg. haha.

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