Episode 28: The One About ElfQuest


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It's a very rare thing in life to achieve a childhood dream. In this episode, we have two women who have done just that: Paula Rhodes (A Good Knight's Quest, Hollywood Wasteland) and Stephanie Thorpe (After Judgement, Hurtling Through Space At An Alarming Rate), who discovered a shared love of a certain graphic novel: ElfQuest .

Join NM regular Chris McCaleb as we discuss the saga of bringing ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining to life, as well as the pros and cons of IndieGoGo vs. Kickstarter, (almost) dying for your art, the experience of being a woman in new media, and the dangers of jetpack transportation.


Great to see New Mediacracy back.

Chris, you seem aware that you're prone to tangents and segways, but please try to keep on track. I almost gave up on this episode. It wasn't until 1:19 that you actually got to Elfquest, and once you did, the episode was great. Everything before that.... not so much.

Also another note: the episodes are much better when the discussion is focused on specific topics/ideas, rather than giving a broad rundown of guests' backstories/projects/collaborators. Web producers often have their hands in so many pots and play so many roles that it's almost impossible to cover everything in depth, and it can get tedious to listen to a laundry list of their activities. Their experience is much more interesting when seen through the lens of a specific issue or idea.

Looking forward to the next episode.

Thanks for the comment, Patrick. The next episode is much shorter.

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