Episode 26: The One with John August


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It's a special episode with screenwriter and director John August (writer of Go, Big Fish, Charlie's Angels, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, writer/director of The Nines), talking about the entertainment industry, independent films, web series business models, and how he approached writing for his web series pilot, The Remnants. Join John and NM regulars Zadi Diaz, Chris McCaleb, and Steve Woolf for a great discussion that runs a little over an hour.

We chat about John's incredible blog, how he got into filmmaking, working with Ze Frank as an actor, the initiatives that got started and fizzled during the writer's strike, and writing stories for a new medium and for new technologies.


strange little comment on movie novelizations. When I was a kid, I used to read tons of them as I was forced to read instead of constantly watching movies like I wanted to. I guess I thought movie novelizations were the next best thing and at the time, basically every movie had one. The novelization of "Close Encounters of The Third" in particular is pretty good. It was written by Steven Spielberg himself and his vast knowledge of the subject matter comes through even stronger in written form.

Thanks for another good discussion with a great guest.

Steve; I appreciate the question you regularly ask regarding what web shows your guests watched or found inspirational prior to creating their own show. I don't know if they momentarily blank out in the face of it, but it's interesting (and perhaps disheartening) that very few of your guests actually seem to be web series watchers. If online video is ever going to break out from replicating conventions of film/television, creators must also be viewers, drawing from the work of Ze Frank and other groundbreaking creators.

I hope you continue to ask the question and perhaps even challenge your guests to reflect on their own assumptions about the structures, aesthetics, and potential of online video.

Glad to hear the comments about the frustration with the GQ article about the death of film. It's always great to hear people truly in the know talking about their real experience and expertise.

I’m an experienced TV and film professional and I was as interested in this episode as any first year film student. Develop a feature script? Make an episodic for the web? What’s the best model? These are questions that I often think about to further my own career. John August is always so open and gracious when sharing his advice and experience but it was quite refreshing to here Steve talk about positive growth he’s seen taking place at blip. Thanks for a great episode full of insight from Hollywood and the web.

Great informative, fun, podcast guys. Loved it. Relaxed but entertaining and like I was there with you. More please.

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