Episode 25: The One About The Dark Side of Web Video


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We sit down with Felicia Day of The Guild, Doctor Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog, and the forthcoming Dragon Age web series, and Ryan Copple, the creator of Riese the Series, to talk about how their projects came together and stories about the choices they have made and their view of the industry. Come hang out with them and NM regulars Zadi Diaz, Chris McCaleb, and Steve Woolf for wine, gummybears, cappuccino lollipops, and laughs.

There's talk about some recent soul-searching walkabouts to get perspective on burning out, selling your soul, meeting the devil at the crossroads of Santa Monica and Wilshire, web trolls, genocide in Finding Nemo, the term "story designer," the awfulness of the word "transmedia," and Brazilian waxes. Yup, full show.


Self doubt is necessary for creators to have so they ask themselves the simple question "is this any good?" before spamming my email and facebook.

Great episode, thanks for two hours of free entertainment!

I felt a bit sorry for you when you said no one commented on your site, so....here it is

Again, I must thank you for continuing this Steve. Stop giving us a heart attack when you say this is your last time!

I have dealt with he burn out thing for sure. This is why we need to work on infrastructure to help alleviate that.

March on friends...;)

Caught in the chasm between access to cash and access to friends, it's too bad your tribes can't produce in other parts of the country where the trees will work on spec and the farmer thinks IP is another way to apply a herbicide.

Great chat you guys. I was kept thoroughly entertained for the past two hours. I felt like I just a long coffee talk with ol' friends. It is so good to see that every artist struggles with overcoming fear, youtube comments, and being true to yourself and your community.

Fantastic. My first New Mediacracy and incredibly entertained. I only recently started involving myself in web series and indie video games. It's astonishing the sheer volume of content available online. I'm actually having a ton of trouble sorting through it all.

There should be a web-content encyclo... oh right. wikipedia.com everyone. I should probably sleep so I can go to work instead of spending the rest of my morning on Wiki.

Definitely returning here. Thanks!

p.s. The gummybears: Loud. Very loud at times :)

A great episode once again. Like a freaking awesome web video class lecture! Keep up the good work!

I really appreciated the discussion of "burnout" (air-quotes) and the importance of "refilling the well". Striking the balance between creation/distribution/marketing/participation and your life is an issue rarely taken into consideration at the outset of projects. Also, props for a series of great guests. Keep 'em coming!
As for a suggestion, I would love to hear from a someone who is purposefully eschewing monetization.... some of the artists on Vimeo for instance. Perhaps not a subject your core audience is interested in, but another perspective that could be valuable.
I look forward to the next one!

Thanks a lot for listening you guys, and thanks for the comments + suggestions! We'll try to keep the noisy Gummy Bears at bay next time ;)

The best episode EVER! Pam's Cliffnotes:

* Gummy bears (Felicia prefers white and red only)
* "Viralicious" (a new word by Chris)
* The importance of "refilling the well" of creativity in Hawaii or a walkabout in Bakersfield
* Keep ownership of your show (License it.)
* Don't "Brazilian" your face
* 10 eps of Riese made with $500k budget from private funders/financing, almost in the black now
* "Transmedia" is used by people who don't know what they're talking about - consider using "story designing" or "story architecting" instead
* Steve originally studied to be a painter before screenwriting and has big beautiful samples hanging at home. (Go visit!)
* Blocking viewers who write nasty or racial comments on your personal or show's blog are deleted and people are unfollowed/blocked. Show creators determine what is acceptable for their community.
* 80% of an online show's success is marketing & distribution

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