Episode 24: The One About Vision and Production Values


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On this episode we find out the fascinating origins of Illeana Douglas's adventures in creating web shows, working with brands, and navigating unions during the third season of her hit show, Easy To Assemble. We also hear the origins of blip.tv and the amazing path that has enabled them to weather five years in the roller coaster world of online video with Co-founder Dina Kaplan and Co-founder and CEO, Mike Hudack.

Join NM regulars Chris McCaleb and Steve Woolf as we talk about balancing production values, sustainability, and artistic innovation inside an industry that is in a constant state of transition.


Loved this episode! Keep them coming. What voice recorder setup are you using? Everyone sounds crisp and clear. It's great.

Thanks for comments, Michael. We're using a digital audio recorder -- the Zoom h4n. It's a fantastic device. We move it around and put it in front of whoever is talking. Chris does a quick levels check in post before he outputs the file to make sure there aren't any bad peaks or valleys.

Great to have Steve's voice back!
To me at this point, it only makes sense to have Marc Maron on the show.
Also, can you have Mike back on to explain the actual process he went through turning his blog's two readers into two million.
That is all, thanks for another episode! Feels like almost weekly, which makes me smile.

Great topic and a very informative discussion, as always, but it would be great, and this is coming from an upcoming minority new media series producer, if you all could add a few minorities to the conversation every so often, aside from podcast regular Zadi Diaz. A few suggestions... Julian Breece, the creator, writer and director of "Buppies," a new media series that was digitally distributed by Viacom's Black Entertainment Television (BET); or Anthony Anderson, the creator and executive producer of "Anacostia, a new media series distributed via Vimeo.com; or Jaleel White, former "Family Matters" star, who just launched his own online series entitled "Fake It Til' You Make It," which debuted on Hulu.com last Summer 2010; there are just too many to choose from."

All three of these individuals have created very interesting new media series' and I'm sure that they, along with the many other minority new media producers currently producing independent visual content for the web, would add a much needed splash of diversity and multicultural depth to your podcast. Believe it or not, Philip DeFranco, as talented and successful as he may be, isn't the only talent having success on YouTube, there are other formulas; and even though SamHas7Friends and EpicFu and The Guild are great examples of innovative new media series content, they certainly aren't the only examples, there are many other innovative series that could serve as a catalyst for that upcoming industry changing online sensation. I'm just saying.

All in all, the creation of a platform in which new media creators/producers can have these types of much needed discussions is much appreciated, online content is stepping into it's own within the entertainment industry and the facilitation of constructive dialogue is absolutely essential moving forward!

Thanks and I'll be listening for that diversity.

It was great to hear about Blip.tv's start and their planned growth. Provided a real insight into how success can be built over time and revealed that short term hyped success or investment can sometimes be just as much a curse as a blessing. The message I took away from this episode was that no matter what it all comes back to staying the course and putting in the hard work.

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