Episode 21: The One Where We Got All Serious


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This was one of the best shows we've done. We talk about the incredible diversity in online video, from productions with huge crews and big stars to the single individuals who command audiences of millions. Come hang out with The Legend of Neil creator and The Guild co-star Sandeep Parikh, comedian and actor Paul Scheer from Human Giant, The League and the upcoming new Adult Swim show NTSF: SD: SUV, recent Director of Strategic Partner Development for YouTube, George Strompolos, along with NM regulars Chris McCaleb, Zadi Diaz, and Steve Woolf.

It's a crisp (for us) 2 hours, with some great insight and spirited discussion about sustainability, people-powered distribution networks, and of course, the 2010 Streamy Awards, hosted by Paul.


I really enjoyed Greg's insight on youtube partnership and monetizing. If you had 'call in questions' I would have asked Greg why partners are allowed to use copyright music/video and not get in trouble while someone like myself who is trying to become a partner has been flagged for videos that use game video footage (with permission) on youtube.

Thank you sooo much for taking the time to do this. I am from Canada and am consumed with topic daily.

The bottom line is time people. With time, brings more eyeballs, more inovation, more ad rev. more opportunity and respect. It is all coming, in time. The question is who of us will be there to contribute the most when it does?

And Steve? What could I say to you to convince you not to quit this? Perhaps someone else can moderate, sure (You all really NEED a moderator!lol) But press on to the dawn friends.

Gratefully yours,


I hate hearing people smacking in my headset. Do not eat during in a session. Solution, stopp before eating recording and and continue after the meal...it is so simple.Interessting conversation please continue in the future. Are you planing to open a office in Germany?

Best regards from Berlin Stefan

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