Episode 16: The One From New York City About Bubbles, Money, and Brands


It's a special edition of New Mediacracy from New York City with a group of rock stars who know the worlds of production, distribution, advertising, and especially, brands. The whole thing was put together and moderated by Jeff Koenig, and brings together Eric Mortensen, Director of Content at blip.tv, Jeremy Redleaf, the creator of Streamy Award-winner Odd Jobs, Wilson Cleveland, producer and head of CJP Digital Media, Jack Ferry, co-creator of $99 Music Videos, Melissa Schneider, also co-creator of $99 Music Videos, Tina Cesa Ward, producer and director of Streamy Award-winner Anyone But Me, and Susan Miller, Obie Award-winning playwright and also producer and writer of Anyone But Me.

This is a great follow-up to the LA bubble discussion from a previous show, but it also fills in the blanks with a ton of info about creating shows with brands, the state of advertising in online video, and the problems with celebrities attaching themselves to web productions. For me, the biggest take-away was not about a bubble around LA or New York City, but how clear the division is between YouTube-focused creators and everyone else. Give it a listen, and post your thoughts in the comments.

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I'm glad I was finally able to voice my love of "media content."

As a animation and film student i'm very interested in the growth of web video productions, and the open freedom of the internet.

I can understand where some of you are coming from on the 'celebrity problem' but in whole honesty I do not think there is really a problem there, from what I see in most cases a Celebrity had to earn that title just like everyone else. Also I think the term Celebrity is overrated because if you put a Celebrity in a bad pilot episode its going to suck with or without. Celebrity gimick may help bring more initial attention to the show but in the long run it really doesn't matter.

Regardless I think webseries do not get enough exposure because they are abit elusive and to some maybe even unheard of. The current marketting method seems to be the Internet's equivalent of word of mouth.

A possiable solution:
What if there was a free portal dedicated specifically to webseries that contains updates and links to show's sites and serves solely to familiarize the viewers with the variety of webshows available, I think it should be limited only to links(No Hosting) because I think the Creators would like to retain their shows and discussions on their own individual sites.
To succeed:
-The site has to remain free(as in no fees or whatever) and accessiable to everyone.
-The site needs to have a good interface design and while this may seem like something trivial Iv seen some sites that absolutely suck.
-No hosting of content, only links.
So say I wanted to introduce my Friends and Family to a webseries I like I'd just say something like "look it up on Webseriesportal.org" or something like that and even if they do not like that specific webseries they get exposed to every other webseries listed there.
The Downside is that a site like that would require moderation and that may mean some kind of submission guidelines as not to clutter the list with random clips, which I am personally ambivalent about because it takes away from the freedom of content being plugged in favor of more exposure to serious onging productions and that can only work if the community that is running it are open-minded and accepting towards newcomers to the scene.

I loves to hear from the east coasters but you guys said 'actually' way too many times :)

Hey guys - just finished listening, what an excellent podcast! First of all, huge kudos to Jeff for moderating - that is a much harder job than I think most people realize, and you did a great job. Though next time, I think you need a few more people in that room...

It was amazing to hear the same common thread and passion breaking through on the East Coast - this is a medium where you don't HAVE TO wait around for someone to give you permission to express yourself, to create. And you all are leading by example! Thanks to you all for sharing your stories and insight - I can't wait to meet those of you that I haven't yet in person.

One question for the NYC crew, however - 3 bottles for 8 people? That's not the New York that I'VE heard about!

ORi - sounds like you want to build an IMDB for web series. Have you seen clicker.com?

Also, like Chris, I very much enjoyed listening to this podcast. You guys should make it a regular thing. And I'm surprised to hear that all of you guys don't hang out with each other more. Although it's interesting that when Zadi and I moved from NYC to LA a few years ago, we started socializing with like-minded creators WAY more than we ever did in NYC.

Something for discussion next time around. :) Great job everyone!

Many thanks to everyone who's let me know how much they enjoyed the show.

Rob - Actually, that was all in your mind.

Chris - when all was said and done, the final tally was 4 bottles. And Melissa was drinking beer, and Susan and Jack weren't drinking at all. #therestofusarelushes

Also, thank you for the compliment on my skills as moderator. Not sure I deserve them, but hey, it was my first time. Nowhere to go but up.

Steve - Regarding more NYC episodes, I'm pretty sure that can be arranged. There are several people out here I wasn't able to include in this discussion that I think have some great things to contribute.

Maybe one every month or two?


Steve - Thanks, I thought something like that might be around but I admit I never really stumbled upon it before , at least not in the original webseries context.

IMDB does well enough so I wouldn't try to replace it, my thoughts were more about finding ways around the problem of many webseries remaining mostly unheard of in some circles.

Whoever said "you can't do a feature film based on World of Warcraft" should probably take a look at IMDB, because it's actually happening, and with a pretty well known director, too.

That said, this is a really interesting show.
I'm gonna be listening to more of these.

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