Episode 15: The One About the Future of Storytelling


Nothing like getting a bunch of passionate believers in the power of story together to talk about how the web is creating a paradigm shift. This episode we've got Chris Preksta of the forthcoming web series Mercury Men, Nicholas Robinson a recent studio executive with Vuguru, Bernie Su of the acclaimed Compulsions series, Mark Gantt of The Bannen Way, Chris McCaleb with over 300 episodes of experience in scripted web drama, and regulars Zadi Diaz and Steve Woolf discussing the timeless tenets of story in a fast-paced digital world.

There's a lot of talk about what parts of a story have to be identified and nurtured, the problem of sustainability for finite scripted web series, the ways we approach pitching and developing stories with digital studios, and the challenge of evolving writers into story architects that know how to take parts of a core story onto other platforms. This is one for the writers out there!

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Only Mark Gantt could pull off that hat. If I wore it I'd look like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins.

Indeed. If I wore that cap I'd look like I was playing dress-up burglar boy.


This was, in my mind, quite possibly the best New Mediacracy to date.

It was also in a way the most frustrating. So many great ideas, so many great discussions, so many EXCEEDINGLY important topics covered. And even at three hours, I felt that too many things were glossed over.

In my mind, there were probably 6 or 7 shows' worth of "content" in this one. The focus of the episode was perhaps too broad to really give many of the ideas their full due.

I guess I'm saying rather than gloss over 15 topics in an episode like this, go more deeply in depth on 3-5. Earlier episodes have rallied around some topical discussion (the IAWTV meeting, the Streamys, etc) that inherently limited and focused the scope.

This episode touched on so many important subjects, and I think if you listened back to most of it, you may agree with me that many of the discussions of those subjects were cut short, and very rarely was everyone present able to weigh in with their opinions or commentary. Keystone statements were made without time being allotted to fleshing out the reasoning and experiences that led to them.

Just my thoughts moving ahead, which I'll wrap up by adding that IMO you have a lot to add to the conversation. Yes, part of your job is to mediate the show, but your thoughts and experiences are as valid (and sometimes more so) as any of your "guests". So, basically, never apologize for being opinionated. ;) As a member of your audience, I want to hear what you have to say (which goes for Zadi as well, who seems to not want to steal airtime from others for some reason).

Not sure how your unexpected trip to NY will affect the schedule for future episodes, but I'm (as always) looking very much forward to whatever you have coming next.

Best to you, Zadi, and your family,


I loved this episode. Such interesting insight from a lot of different levels/areas of production. And, like Steve already pointed out - it's just never long enough for me.

I have to agree with Jeff. I thought this episode was fantastic, but I want to hear more detail and discussion about some of the issues passed over so quickly. For example: Gate Keepers.

I'm assuming that most people are talking about the TV Networks, but there are certain aspects about that system I wish more web show creators would embrace, like Producers. I think having someone to collaborate with that isn't a writer, creator, director, etc., is extremely beneficial and I'd love to hear from a few of them working in this space now (like Rick Rey? Paula Rhodes? Kim Evey?) and what the process is like for them.


PS - please put a PayPal Button on your site so we can donate for the wine.

A common theme I'm seeing in these podcasts is the diverse backgrounds of all the participants. From medical and legal with lonelygirl15 guys to Steve with an art degree and others with wide ranges of experiences. It's interesting to see how each person has found their path into new media.

My question is ... is there a degree, program or some sort of experience you would recommend for someone looking to get into new media. For an undergrad? For a graduate? For anyone else?

Thanks for the wonderful shows!

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