Episode 13: The One About the IAWTV


It's a lively one, and a bigger group than usual joins us on this episode, which we recorded immediately after the first Los Angeles meeting of the IAWTV which took place at the WGA. Tony Valenzuela, Casey McKinnon, Barrett Garese, Brett Register, and Rudy Jahchan join regulars Chris McCaleb, Zadi Diaz, and Steve Woolf to share their thoughts on the meeting and what it means for the future of the first organized member body dedicated to web video.

We spend some time talking about the Streamys, but a lot more time talking about the things we took away from the meeting and what the ramifications are for everyone invested in making web video a sustainable, progressive medium. Also, we drink wine and laugh a lot.

Most importantly, listen and leave a comment so we can get some outside feedback on the topics we discuss, such as the idea of the new gatekeepers, why we are trying so hard to replicate tv and film models, the vision of the IAWTV, and Chris McCaleb jumping out of planes.

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Rofl, I have to manufacture the 2 hours to listen to this today. Looking forward to it!

Just finished listening to this epic 2-hour event and it was worth every second spent listening. 8 pages of notes later and I need to get my ideas together so I can respond fully but let me say:

1) Without this podcast non-members and people not in LA would have no idea about what is actually going on because there is no information anywhere else that comes close to the heart of what matters

2) It is illuminating and heartening to hear people who are inside the industry talking so openly about their hopes and fears for their community

3) There is a wider community that is looking for a rallying point who want to be involved but are fractured across fandoms

Thank you for doing these podcasts!


I can't tell you how much your comment means to us. Thanks!

The Expedit! OK, just had to say that. Clearly, I read too much Apartment Therapy. Listening now.

After listening, I will say as only a viewer of web videos, I found the awards show valuable. I hadn't heard of most of the nominees, and whether they won or not, I sought them out to watch. I realize that this last show was pretty bad, but it didn't dampen my interest in web series.

It almost sounds like the board needs an ombudsman, like that devil's advocate you kept mentioning. The ombudsman could act in the interest of the web community, taking the community's concerns to the board. This person is more accessible to the public than an organization's inner circle.

Thanks for the podcast. I'm fascinated by how this is all unfolding. I know the web will be the better for it.

I'm listening to this episode again myself and loving it. What a great discussion, thanks to everyone who came over and everyone who's listening!

So I listened to this episode a few weeks ago when we were on vacation (no internet access) and I wrote a long, drawn out comment. When we got back I thought it wasn't timely anymore so I didn't post it here, but you know what?... Screw that! The internet is the permanent record and I took the time to write the comment so why not share? It's quite long so I posted it to my blog. Enjoy...


Best quote from this episode: “The Television Academy isn’t called Visual Radio.” – Barrett Garese

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