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Nothing like getting a bunch of passionate believers in the power of story together to talk about how the web is creating a paradigm shift. This episode we've got Chris Preksta of the forthcoming web series Mercury Men, Nicholas Robinson a recent studio executive with Vuguru, Bernie Su of the acclaimed Compulsions series, Mark Gantt of The Bannen Way, Chris McCaleb with over 300 episodes of experience in scripted web drama, and regulars Zadi Diaz and Steve Woolf discussing the timeless tenets of story in a fast-paced digital world.

There's a lot of talk about what parts of a story have to be identified and nurtured, the problem of sustainability for finite scripted web series, the ways we approach pitching and developing stories with digital studios, and the challenge of evolving writers into story architects that know how to take parts of a core story onto other platforms. This is one for the writers out there!

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DSLR filmmaking has taken the web by storm, and now it's being used in mainstream film and television work. But is it a passing fancy that will just as quickly disappear? On this episode we talk about the ups and downs of DSLRs with Lan Bui, Vu Bui, Kent Nichols, Brett Register, Chris McCaleb, Zadi Diaz, and Steve Woolf.

This show should leave new filmmakers with plenty to ponder (and Google), and it should help experienced creators interested in working with DSLRs know what to expect. There's a ton of information discussed, so even shooters experienced with DSLRs should be able to benefit from the talk about glass, lights, and audio. Post a comment and let us know if you enjoy this kind of "special edition" New Mediacracy!

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It's a lively one, and a bigger group than usual joins us on this episode, which we recorded immediately after the first Los Angeles meeting of the IAWTV which took place at the WGA. Tony Valenzuela, Casey McKinnon, Barrett Garese, Brett Register, and Rudy Jahchan join regulars Chris McCaleb, Zadi Diaz, and Steve Woolf to share their thoughts on the meeting and what it means for the future of the first organized member body dedicated to web video.

We spend some time talking about the Streamys, but a lot more time talking about the things we took away from the meeting and what the ramifications are for everyone invested in making web video a sustainable, progressive medium. Also, we drink wine and laugh a lot.

Most importantly, listen and leave a comment so we can get some outside feedback on the topics we discuss, such as the idea of the new gatekeepers, why we are trying so hard to replicate tv and film models, the vision of the IAWTV, and Chris McCaleb jumping out of planes.

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