Episode 11: Creating a Web Phenomenon


This week we learn the intricate details and challenges that Eqal founders Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried faced in creating Lonelygirl15, one of the most unique and compelling web video phenomenons to ever happen. Along with core NM crew Chris McCaleb, Zadi Diaz, and Steve Woolf, it's well over 3 hours of stories about that crazy time, what it took to build a truly interactive fictional web series, and the path it led toward creating a venture-funded social entertainment company.

Miles and Greg talk about the way the Internet investigated every clue in the Lonelygirl15 videos in an attempt to figure out who the character was, including frame-by-frame analysis, botanical reports on plants that appeared in videos, and triangulation of products in Bree's room that people used to attempt to determine a geographic location. We also talk at length around the evolution of Umbrella, Eqal's web video social platform, and their recent buyout of Spark Capital, one of the venture capital firms that funded their original investment round.

In short, this is another can't miss conversation for anyone interested in creating truly progressive entertainment from people who are literally years ahead of the pack. Also, we get into a fourth bottle of wine for the first time ever, and things get hilarious...

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I love how I'm represented by the action figure. I think whenever I'm working behind the camera, she should be my representative. :)

2 NM records that will probably not be eclipsed anytime soon: 4 bottles of wine and 3+ hours of conversation. Another amazing night. I love doing these!

Agreed! A fantastic time. For the record, we now all need action figures!

What a great night! Thanks for having us, love to do it again whenever. Yes... action figures for everyone!

I'm only an hour 15 in - but felt as though I needed to drop an early comment to state that I still happily use Premiere Pro. Go Adobe!

Whew... I feel like I just ran a marathon. Almost bailed at hour two when entropy started to set in but I'm glad I didn't. Lot's of good business stuff in hour three.

Miles and Greg should write a book about the creation of LG15. Absolutely fascinating.

It's amazing how long ago all this seems. We got into podcasting around the same time, early 2006, and it seems like a hundred years ago. (And yes, I remember Shoutboy.) Great episode!

Steve and Zadi - You're doing a great job with this new iteration of New Mediacracy. Looking forward to the next episode.

Really appreciate you guys listening. I think for future shows that run this long we will break them into pieces and upload them throughout the week. 3.5 hrs is tough for even the most hardcore podcast fan!

Agreed, just wanted to jump in early, before I'm done, and say I love New Mediacracy. Honestly, I learn so, so much each time.

FYI this broke another record: the first time an episode kept going after I pulled into my driveway in LA after coming from SD... and I left during RUSH HOUR today. ;)

Keep it up, gang!

Monetizinational. Yeah. Look it up.

*pants* I made it to the end!
Heard a lot that I had not heard before. Interesting. Waiting for my own folks to post my mini-take on the week pretty soon. (fingers crossed) and a couple of you are in it.

Awwww. A little Joby gorillapod. They're so adorable.

I finally got around to listening to this episode and WOW. This might be the most inspirational thing I've listened to since ... maybe ever.

Three-plus hours was no problem to go through for such great discussion, and I'm actually going back and re-listening to it all!

I'd love to hear a part II. I'm curious about at what point it transitioned from being an experiment to a real job? How did they find a way to monetize their story? That sounds like what you guys have planned for the second part anyway.


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