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It's another great evening with independent content creators in downtown Los Angeles. This episode we hang out with Kim Evey, producer of The Guild, Sean Becker, director of The Guild, and Jenni Powell, production maven and associate editor of Tubefilter, along with regulars Chris McCaleb of Big Fantastic, and Zadi Diaz and Steve Woolf of Epic Fu.

There's a lot of discussion around the Streamy Awards and everyone's personal experiences around what happened that night, and at the Celebrate the Web event that Kim and Jenni organized later in the week. We touch on the divisions among web video creators and talk about the upcoming new season of The Guild. Come hang out as we chat for over two hours and get more than a little drunky on five (!) bottles of wine.

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This week we learn the intricate details and challenges that Eqal founders Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried faced in creating Lonelygirl15, one of the most unique and compelling web video phenomenons to ever happen. Along with core NM crew Chris McCaleb, Zadi Diaz, and Steve Woolf, it's well over 3 hours of stories about that crazy time, what it took to build a truly interactive fictional web series, and the path it led toward creating a venture-funded social entertainment company.

Miles and Greg talk about the way the Internet investigated every clue in the Lonelygirl15 videos in an attempt to figure out who the character was, including frame-by-frame analysis, botanical reports on plants that appeared in videos, and triangulation of products in Bree's room that people used to attempt to determine a geographic location. We also talk at length around the evolution of Umbrella, Eqal's web video social platform, and their recent buyout of Spark Capital, one of the venture capital firms that funded their original investment round.

In short, this is another can't miss conversation for anyone interested in creating truly progressive entertainment from people who are literally years ahead of the pack. Also, we get into a fourth bottle of wine for the first time ever, and things get hilarious...

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