Episode 9: Talking Streamys & IAWTV Straight from the Horse's Mouth


We're back with Steve Woolf and Zadi Diaz chatting with Brady Brim-DeForest and Jamison Tilsner, the respective CEO and COO of Tubefilter, as well as two of the co-founders of the International Academy of Web Television and the Streamys. With the 2010 Streamy Awards less than 3 weeks away, we get up to speed on how this event evolved, the form and substance of the IAWTV, and talk in-depth about the criticism of the Streamys from other content creators over the past couple of weeks.

It's a conversation in downtown Los Angeles with an annoying cat in the background and a bottle of wine. Come hang out!

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The error was made by Craig Frank - that guy says all sorts of stuff. I'm thoroughly disappointed with the sub two hour time limit but am always glad to have a new episode!

I like the LA bubble my god have you SEEN the midwest let alone the East ???

Thats why I left...


Hold a second, guys! I didn't make an error. An error would imply that there was an inadvertent incorrectness. I made an advertent incorrectness. I truly believed that to be true. I was corrected. On the record.


By the way, I know "advertent" is not a real word.

One thing about the LA bubble is that it's filled with extremely nice people, imo. There are a few Hollywood douchebags and douchettes, but for the most part it's a very warm group of people with the best of intentions who just want to make awesome stuff. In that way, it's not a bad experience inside the bubble at all. LOL

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