Episode 8: The LA Bubble, Streamys Voting, and Criticizing Creators


Sitting around a table in downtown LA this week, it's a conversation about web video with guests Rudy Jahchan and Casey McKinnon, and regular participants Chris McCaleb, Zadi Diaz, and Steve Woolf as we talk shop about the web television industry. We booze it up and chat about Streamy voting and nominations, the Good Knight's Quest premiere party in Hollywood, and whether the walls of the LA web video bubble are getting too thick.

There's a lot of talk around what worked and didn't work in the Streamy nominee voting process, web series creators who can and can't make web experiences that work, and how much Chris hates the word "content."

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Amazing conversation guys! Glad to have some insight into how Streamy Award voting worked, and hope that things become more organized and less aggravating next year.

Also Steve, very glad to hear you raise the point that the walls of the LA web video bubble may be getting to thick. I can tell you that the NYC region definitely is coming to that conclusion rapidly. We very much want to make sure that we're keeping this community open and, as you said, global. Right now, it feels like a party going on out there that the rest of us aren't invited to.

Agreed, this is an amazing discussion. Very insightful. Thank you all. I agreed on so many levels.

About the FYC vids... One would think if one decides to create a web series, that they would be passionate enough to learn all the aspects of promoting and such. Especially when submitting for an awards, just make a Tumblr, Blogger etc.. with the info. Then submit the link. If they don't know how, then curious what is their motivation to make a series on the web.

I think the Streamys is an awesome concept, and is a great opportunity to honor and show recognition to the creative and hard working people in the web series field. I do understand the stand point of highlighting "big name" celebrities to cast the spotlight on the new media... But just like the difference between the Oscars and Sundance, the spotlight will be focused on them, and not so much the true creative and independent force that drew me into watching web series. Some may know I have issues with a few of the comedy noms... not that the actors themselves are bad. Just the criteria for nominating series I think needs fine tuning.

Again, I thank you for a great show.

I have to say that what you assume about the naming of the screening for IAWTV members didn't even occur to us until we were asked to change it.

We thought lets make it easy for them to find this and offer it as a chance to come see us since we don't have a PR, chance really or marketing budget plan there was no malice or plan to do something worthy of your suspicion or ridicule.

It was a 5 second thought on the phone and David Nett put it up on Facebook as he was kind enough to offer to do it. No moustache twirling plan, nothing.
We added unofficial thinking..ok whatever. We are all nice people.

It didn't really do anything either for us re getting comedy nominations did it? Zip

Need to correct something on my last post. The word Criteria is misused. Should have typed, "Just the requirements for a series to be nominated, I think needs fine tuning." Kinda nervous, being an "outsider", and commenting about something you all are far more knowledgeable about.

But must say... Listening to your discussions has opened my my mind and made me think about web series a little differently.

OMG! Thanks so much for mentioning our knitting show! There must be something in the air because Leo mentioned Let's Knit2gether on TWiT #237 this week too.

As far as the LA bubble:

Yes, the LA bubble is thick and to be quite frank, annoying to those of us on the outside who have been around new media for awhile.

One of the advantages (and curses) for CAT and me is that we have been straddling a lot of different worlds over the past four years doing Let's Knit2gether. We're part of the tech bubble that Steve mentions simply because we started our web show so early and ended up speaking about it at tech conferences. We're also part of "old-media" given my 25 year broadcast TV career which lead to co-producing several shows for the Discovery Channel. Third we're also deep into the knitting world which feels a lot more like the real world than the other two. I occasionally get the chance to walk around with 40,000 or so knitters at fiber festival's and because of that, I can tell you that most everyone on this planet has absolutely no clue that web shows even exist. Personally I think that is the number one problem we have right now in the industry. Most people can't even conceive that what we do MIGHT exist. Web video is cats on YouTube playing the piano. It's not professional.

I can see how some might think that the Streamy's could help this situation but I don't think so. Here's why:

It really seems to me as an outsider that trendy red carpet events and desperate hollow hype is the surest way to a) turn people off and b) get lost in the sauce of old media's trendy red carpet events and desperate hollow hype. I'm worried that a lot of good people are working really hard to build up the Streamy's to get some attention for this industry and they don't realize that the way they are going about it isn't even showing up on the radar outside LA. I think they're trapped in the bubble and are fooling themselves.

Sorry if what I'm saying sounds cynical. I really hate being cynical but unfortunately that's the view from here and the only way to make things better is to start talking about the problems. I would really like to see the IAWTV ultimately succeed at bringing some attention to new media. Hopefully they'll be able to work out the kinks in the future.

Lot's more to say but this is becoming more of a blog post than a comment. Thanks again for the mention!

Just wanted to add that I'm SO GLAD you guys fixed the iTunes RSS, it was getting really annoying to be attached to my browser to listen. Now I can download and listen on my way to class, hooray. Thanks guys!

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