Episode 10: Never Taking No For An Answer


This week we hear the inspiring story behind one of the most successful web shows of 2010, The Bannen Way, with filmmakers Jesse Warren and Mark Gantt. Zadi Diaz, Rick Rey, and Steve Woolf talk about their origins in new media and Jesse and Mark offer story after story about the door being closed on their project by other people and their refusal to accept it.

This one is not to be missed by creatives and filmmakers out there who are frustrated with the system and need to hear people talking about never taking no for an answer. Jesse and Mark tell stories that neither of them ever heard from each other before, and we get into gritty detail about the way The Bannen Way was conceived, created, packaged, and delivered.

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Possibly my favorite to date. For all those interested here's some real solid Rick Rey goodness! http://vimeo.com/3130356

Great! I just discovered New Mediacracy and loved this podcast. Even though I'm in the UK and haven't been able to watch the Bannen Way I've certainly heard all the buzz around it so to get the actual backstory from the creator's themselves is wonderfully insightful. Thanks guys and keep kicking ass with Epic-Fu!

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