Episode 7: Streamy Awards, Pixelodeon, and What is a Web Series


This week join the conversation with Brett Register, Craig Frank, Rick Rey, Zadi Diaz, and Steve Woolf as we talk at length about what a web series actually is, the upcoming Streamy Awards, the International Academy of Web Television, and the ghost of Pixelodeon. Oh, and we drink a lot of wine (except for Craig Frank).

There's a lot of talk about the new generation of Los Angeles entertainment-driven web video makers, the proliferation of scripted series, the lack of quality out there, and the experience of creating non-fiction content versus fictional content. We also touch on some of the hot points around screeners for web series to prompt to Streamy votes, branded entertainment, the small presence of international participants in the International Academy of Web Television, the brief run (and revival?) of WebTVDirt, and east coast versus west coast versus midwest web series creators.

NOTE: sorry about all the cell phone interference in this episode. Next time, all phones in airplane mode!

UPDATE: Jon from Hawaii won the Buckyballs! Thanks for listening the whole way, Jon!

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Great to see this starting up again guys. A pleasure to listen in!

I just had to jump on to think-aloud about the 1st generation vs 2nd generation you five were talking about near the 1:10 mark...

Is it naive or idealistic of me to not be completely comfortable with a wave of online-creators that have little interest in what's come before them or what's coming after them?

I mean, I really like Brett and Frank - I'm not saying this to rag on them, I hope it doesn't read that way. It's just to step back and compare it with, say, a new generation of authors who have never really dove into other established and influential author's work...

I guess what I'm asking or what I'm rambling about is; is it a good thing that (or if) the next wave of creators really just see the internet as a stepping stone? I understand that paying your bills is a concern - it's a hard thing to do with the internet.

But I feel that's a different conversation to have, there was no money for French New Wave filmmakers - but there was a passion behind it that the stories they were telling and *how* they were telling them was important.

Does that make sense? I just feel - that in five years time, yes, I hope to hell that I'm still primarily involved with the internet. Not TV... not filmmaking in a traditional release sense... they just feel like mediums that are "tried and true" ways to reasonably profit - but they don't take advantage of the present.

Yes, we do know people who weren't accepted to the IAWTV. Two actors who have appeared on Galacticast were denied :(

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