Episode 6: The Return of New Mediacracy


New Mediacracy

It's a web video conversation over 3 bottles of wine with Steve Woolf, Zadi Diaz, Chris McCaleb, and Kent Nichols from downtown Los Angeles!

It's 4 creators with nearly 200 million video views between them talking shop about the things they've seen and heard over their years in the industry. Lots of good stories and laughs to be had, so come hang out and let us know what you want to hear from future podcasts!

Just some of the stuff we touch on in this talkcast:

  • What we hate about web shows
  • Approaching a career in web video with the right mindset
  • When to call it quits on a long-running show
  • Interactivity (or not) in web shows
  • Production issues galore
  • Juicy stories from years gone by
  • Tons, tons more!

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This was so much fun to listen to! Thanks, everyone.

Thanks so much for listening, John!

This is a great discussion! I didn't have the time today but I listened to the whole thing anyway.

CAT and I talk about all this stuff constantly. It's nice to know we're not alone. I'll have to forward this to CAT so she can listen to it too.

Why is it that content creators in all fields aren't really well compensated? Musicians have gotten screwed by record labels. Same for many journalists at newspapers. And now you guys are reporting the same for new media. I'm sure there's plenty of other examples too.

Seems like a reoccurring theme throughout history but I can't really explain why.

Eric - yeah, 2 hours is a hell of a long podcast, but thanks for hanging in there! In the future we'll try to keep them to an hour max.

Matt - I think the compensation issue is because we're at the beginning of this whole thing. There's no viable business model, so we don't have any real idea of what "talent" is worth. Hopefully the next couple of years will see sustainable, profitable businesses emerge in original web content.

Matt, I think you bring up a good discussion point and something we can bring up in the next talk session. Thanks for listening!

I made a point to stay up after all the distractions have gone to bed to get some serious work done on a new website...but you guys had to go and be interesting and now, all of a sudden, a quick check turned into 2 hours and 14 minutes of rapt attention to "not-work."

There's a nice mix to the panel. You all have work in such varying genres that I think there are some very interesting conversations to be mined. I'd even like to hear a little more in depth talk about the most effective ways you've found to engage your audiences. I think that level of engagement is pretty clearly the greatest advantage that web video holds over traditional media at the moment (besides cost barriers).

Great content, guys. Thanks.

This is one of the best discussions on new media I've heard in months. It's so fantastic to hear a group of people talk about ideas and art as well as business models.

On compensation: I think you guys hit it: the undervaluation of the web audience is the greatest obstacle. I think it takes a really forward thinking brand (my sponsor has been fantastic, if i may be so bold) to take the leap. Aside from not sucking, I'd love to hear if you had any ideas on ways for creators to push this along? How can we convince folks that a relationship with 20m online viewers has at least as much value as 20m imaginary Lost viewers?

Steve & Zadi,

First, in response to a comment Steve made here about the show length: you've done a terrible job of keeping the shows to an hour. For that, I commend you!

Look, this is not a mass media project. We, your audience, are about as much a targeted niche as you can get. And the conversations being held on this show are necessary - vital - to the continuation of our ability to thrive as independent creators building the foundations of what will eventually and inevitably a multi-billion dollar industry.

Two hours, four... keep the discussion going. It needs to be held.

In fact, I encourage you to open it up. Live stream it. Keep it audio only if you want, but integrate the ability to take points, questions, and comments from other members of the community (won't say audience, because I think anyone listening is invested in the conversation) that are listening. For a portion of the show, anyway - the uninterrupted conversation between the in house panel is equally important.

I would also suggest that a message board to continue the discussion between episodes would be a large benefit. We need a global meeting place to pool our knowledge.

Anyway, I want to say thanks to both of you (and the guests who've made an appearance) for bringing back this show. I hope you continue to use New Mediacracy to foster discussion on the issues faced by our industry for a long time to come.

Jeff Koenig
Broadcast Assassin
FilmSnobbery Live!

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