When you love what you do - and the people you do it with - working rarely feels like "work" at all. This axiom is true for the members of Natural Disastronauts, some of the hardest working people in new media. On this episode, we sit down with 3/4 of the internet juggernaut - multi-hyphenates Katy Stoll (Cracked, Prom Queen), Daniel Vincent Gordh (Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Hipsterhood, Cracked Advice Board) and Will Gordh (Cracked Advice Board, lots of other stuff!) - upon the release of their latest original series, "Hollywood Acting Studio" (created by 4th Disastronaut Kevin Best, and produced by Starz Digital).

Join NM regulars Bernie Su and Chris McCaleb for this candid discussion about actually making a living in new media, the pros and cons of working with your best friends (and family!), the perilous and addictive immediacy of audience interaction via social media, the recent YouTube migration to "Saturday Night Live," the now-Emmy-winning "Lizzie Bennet Diaries," Bernie's new series "Emma Approved," and much more!

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For seven years, a young filmmaker tried unsuccessfully to get his script, an unconventional noir-ish detective story set in high school, made into a feature film. Everybody passed. Frustrated but not defeated, he decided to take matters into his own hands and raise the money himself. The resulting film was BRICK, and it launched the inspiring career of the film's writer-director, Rian Johnson.

Join host Chris McCaleb for a special, shorter-than-usual episode, as we discuss Rian's directing work (including LOOPER and "Breaking Bad"), his interest in New Media, shooting film vs. digital, and MORE!

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We're back with a lengthy year-end wrap-up! This time around, new media veteran Kathleen Grace (The Burg, The All-For-Nots, and now Manager of Production and Programming at YouTube Space LA) joins GigaOm writer and Attack of the Show staff writer Liz Shannon Miller, IAWTV Award winner and writer/director Brett Register, and Lizzie Bennet Diaries co-creator and showrunner Bernie Su. Joining them are the founders of New Mediacracy, Zadi Diaz (Head of Content Development at Disney Interactive Entertainment) and Steve Woolf (President of Blip Studios, SVP of Content at Blip), once again anchored by writer/director Chris McCaleb.

In this freewheeling discussion, we explore the ongoing problem of discovery, YouTube's funded channel initiative, the newly-founded Blip Studios, the opening of YouTube Space LA, Hannah Hart's incredible tour fundraising campaign, the high profile departure of Ray William Johnson from Maker Studios, the mysterious industry blog "Working With Webseries Producers," our hopes for the year 2013, and so much more!

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In April 2011, Hank Green (VlogBrothers, VidCon, Project for Awesome) approached Bernie Su (Compulsions, co-host of this very podcast) to discuss the possibility of bringing "Pride and Prejudice" to life for the YouTube generation. Less than a year later, they launched The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and within days the show had already attracted a dedicated fan base and the attention of international media. On this episode of New Mediacracy, we sit down with stars Ashley Clements and Mary Kate Wiles (also of Squaresville), producer Jenni Powell (Video Game Reunion, VidCon), and co-creator/writer/director Bernie Su.

Join NM regular Chris McCaleb as we discuss the meteoric rise of this independent series, the highs and lows of interacting with fans (in and out of character), adapting a beloved novel for the digital age, interactive storytelling, their epic VidCon experiences, Tumblr feelz and so much more!

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Heroes. Gossip Girl. The Vampire Diaries. House. Nikita. Fringe. All of these television shows have had successful companion web series, and the common thread between them is Retrofit Films, the upstart production company founded by filmmakers Chris Hanada and Tanner Kling.

Join NM regular Chris McCaleb as we discuss making web series based on properties with rabid fan bases (and high expectations), navigating the world of branded content with some of the largest brands in the business, the irritating new media buzzwords that have worn out their welcome, the challenges of making cross-platform content to exist on both the web and television simultaneously, and their latest projects with Disney/Marvel, "The Fury Files" and "Marvel Mashups."

We recorded this podcast in May 2012, and in the many months it has taken us to post the episode, Retrofit has hired former guest Ryan Copple as their VP of Digital Development. Congratulations all around!

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Making an independent web series is always challenging, whether you're working with three million dollars, or three hundred dollars. On this episode of New Mediacracy, we sit down with veteran director Scott Brown (Larry King Now, Blue Movies, Asylum), multi-hyphenate Kristen Nedopak (Geek Girls Create) and producer/consultant Brian Rodda, to discuss their work in new media, as well as their two new series, Stockholm and Skyrim Parodies.

Join NM regular Chris McCaleb as we talk about making porn funny, crafting your own wardrobe (and the surprising cost of fake fur), creating high-quality work on a tight budget, working with the actual Larry King, shooting in a basement, finding inspiration in video games, and spending special time with Denise Richards.

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Still basking in the glow of VidCon 2012, here's a trip in the wayback machine to VidCon 2011, and a panel entitled "The Battle for Narrative & Relevance: Long-form serial storytelling and the search for an audience on YouTube"

Join the group of adventurous convention-goers who managed to find our panel, moderated by frequent NM guest Liz Shannon Miller (Attack of the Show, GigaOM Video), featuring David Nett (Gold: The Series), former NM guest Ryan Copple (Riese: The Series, Halo: Forward Unto Dawn ), Kaleena Kiff (Riese: The Series), Celebrate the Web 6 winner Terence Krey (Oh, Inverted World) and NM regular Chris McCaleb.

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What is it like to actually live the life of a professional YouTuber, an often all-consuming, 24/7 job that regularly blurs the line between entertainment and private reality? On this episode of New Mediacracy, we sit down with three prolific YouTube personalities - Olga Kay, Exotic Jess and Joe Nation - who have been living in the YouTube trenches (and for a while, under the same roof) for years, and survived to tell the tale.

Join NM regulars Chris McCaleb and Bernie Su ("The Lizzie Bennet Diaries") as they discuss building and maintaining an audience, the importance of quantity vs quality, working in the circus, raising a teenage daughter, and the scary, crazy, exciting and wonderful life of a professional YouTuber.

In 2006, a group of young San Francisco filmmakers banded together to make the independent web series Break A Leg. Six years and countless struggles later, they're more successful than ever. On this episode of New Mediacracy, we sit down with most of the members of creative powerhouse Happy Little Guillotine - Yuri Baranovsky, Justin Morrison and Dashiell Reinhardt - the award-winning team behind Leap Year, 7-Eleven Road Trip Rally, Slurpee Unity Tour, and much more.

Join NM regular Chris McCaleb as they discuss working with brands and celebrities, maximizing your resources, how to avoid getting arrested while making a web series, the old-timey importance of being featured on the YouTube homepage, and how their little series might have toppled a government (seriously).

So you made an independent series that is 100% true to your voice, your vision, and your passion... now what?  On this episode of New Mediacracy, we sit down with writer/director Matt Enlow (Squaresville, Mountain Man), writer/producer Tai Fauci (Whole Day Down, Palisades Pool Party) and producer/consultant Brian Rodda (Songs From Series).

Join NM regular Chris McCaleb and Bernie Su as they discuss the challenges of remaining independent, the importance of a great marketing strategy, finding your voice amongst the noise of modern culture, and the very nature of art.


New Mediacracy is a casual conversation in the form of an audio podcast about the world of web video featuring industry producers, directors, writers, and other content creators.


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